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Our customers can expect high-quality, damage-free handling of their cargo at competitive rates. They receive fast, efficient truck loading and reliable reporting of cargo movements by personnel familiar with their unique needs. Supply channels will be both problem and hassle free.

Fednav Direct

As a value-added service, FMT offers transport services to and from its various facilities through our logistics group, Fednav Direct. Read more
Fednav Direct

Stevedoring operations

FMT | An industry leader in cargo management solutions

Federal Marine Terminals, Inc. (FMT) is a subsidiary of Fednav Limited and has for over five decades operated stevedoring facilities at ports in the United States and Canada. With ten operations covering eleven ports, FMT operates in the US East Coast and Gulf Coast and in the Great Lakes.

FMT is recognized as an industry leader in marine terminal operations. Serving the needs of its customers in handling breakbulk, bulk, containerized, project, and general cargoes. The wide range of commodities handled includes cement, cocoa, containers, gypsum, machinery, steel, sugar, and wood pulp and forest products.

With a continuing focus on efficiency and safety, FMT employs the latest in proprietary software to track the cargo in its care and custody. A well-trained, safety-oriented labour force employing modern gear and equipment ensures quality stevedoring services for customer cargoes.

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