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FMT | Cargo & Terminal Management System

Cargo & Terminal Management System

FMT's Cargo & Terminal Management System provides web-based functionality to increase efficiency of port operations—intermodal or terminal transfers, stevedoring, storage, cargo delivery, cross-dock, as well as value-added features such as cargo sorting and container stripping and stuffing.

Screenshot of CTMS window

Real-time inventory statusSigned Dock Tallies

CTMS software features

Inbound cargo status

  • Broker Worksheet provides an overview of the vessel manifest and inventory details
  • Customs, Agency, and Terminal release status

Daily activity – Outbound cargo

  • Summary of Dock Tally details (Daily Activity Report)
  • Truck In/Out statistics
  • PDF copies of signed Dock Tallies
  • Automated reporting

Inventory management

  • Inventory status is available in real time
  • All inventory data can be downloaded to Excel

Account access and automated reporting

  • Unique customer login allows for secure access into CTMS
  • Automated reports provide Daily Activity and Inventory updates to one or many email addresses
  • EDI capabilities