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Contact Matthew McPhail, Director, Sales and Marketing, to discuss your specific project needs and determine whether FMT may be able to offer private stevedoring and terminal operation services for your site.


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Private operations
Private operations

FMT | In-house private stevedore and terminal operations

FMT's quality operations include in-house stevedoring and terminal handling solutions on a contractual basis, offering a wide range of complementary services for companies that maintain their own marine terminals.

These services are designed to provide experience and expertise in marine terminal operations so that our clients may achieve their goals safely and efficiently.

Professional and reliable, FMT is recognized as a leader in cargo handling in the US and Canada, capable of tailoring operations to meet customers' specific requirements, ensuring cargoes are discharged or loaded on time and according to specifications.

FMT's reputation is based on its solid track record for excellence, dedication, consistency, and attention to detail.